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Show Fees

Show Fees

Concerning the fees, the YIPIYA team has the following policy.

1)Concerning schools with ressources, it’s up to their budget.To give an idea, generally establishments in South East Asia propose approximatively 150 USD, some less, some more, some organize donation with the parents.The most important is to rejoice and inform the kids.

2)Concerning poor schools or orphanages, the show is performed for free.For instance, 3 emblematic establishments where Yipiya has been performed for free : PATTAYA ORPHANAGE, DON BOSCO ORPHANAGE (PHANG NGA) and PELITA PERMAI, SCHOOL FOR POOR, INDONESIA.

3)The ideal Yipiya intervention  could be this following : your school has a partnership with a poor school. Yipiya is performed in your school according to the decided budget, and then is performed for free in your partner school.


If you wish to help by part sponsoring a show please use the following link:  HELP SPONSOR A SHOW in the top menu