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The Yipiya Team

The Yipiya Team

YIPIYA is  a project initiated by La Compagnie La Mémoire et l’Instant founded  by Adrian Mohr in 2000.

The mission of this professional Theater Group is to entertain and to inform about crucial issues.

YIPIYA is mainly about the dangers of plastic pollution in the oceans.

YIPIYA is a show without border and wordless, but fillet with actions and onomatopoeias for 4-11 years old kids.

YIPIYA is performed by the  clown “Doctor Michael and Mister Pollution” , torn between good and bad environmental actions, and using props on this purpose.

YIPIYA last 50 minutes. After the show, there can right away be an exchange with the kids, the clown and the teachers.

YIPIYA is an iconic battle song played by the dragon during the show.  It’s an international wake-up call.

The rehearsal of Yipiya took place in 2017 in France, at the “Arènes de Nanterre”, one of the last permanent circus near Paris, and in Nouakchott, Mauritania, at the Espace Culturel Camara, in artistic cooperation with Christine Lapsca and Joël Bluteau.

Michel Sigalla

Michel Sigalla performs in Yipiya the clown “Doctor Michael and Mister Pollution”

Path of the Clown